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Hamza Din returns to Jackson with First-Class Honours

Civil engineers play an extremely important role in society and at Jackson we take great pride in providing opportunities for the next generation. We’re delighted to announce that after a successful year of industrial placements, six graduates will be returning to Jackson to start their career in the construction industry.

Hamza Din has returned to Jackson after graduating from Brunel University with First Class Honours in Civil and Structural Engineering BEng. As a Graduate Engineer currently working in our Highways Division, Hamza will also be completing a Masters in Civil Engineering with the support from Jackson. We asked Hamza what his industrial placement was like and whether being an engineer was always the chosen career path...

Did you always want to be a civil engineer growing up?
“To be quite honest, at the age 14 [Year 9] our school had a careers fair which introduced us to engineers as well as other professions. I showed a pamphlet, which was given to us on the day, to my uncle who worked in construction as an accountant and he told me as a joke to aim to be a civil engineer!”

“As a student I have always been an average achiever, achieving B’s, C’s, hardly any A’s, that was until university and college where I gained a massive appreciate in how important education, knowledge and making a difference to a person is. Upon receiving multiple scholarships and praise from my university lecturers, my confidence grew in this field and made me want to get out and get experience as quick as possible!”

What do you hope to achieve now you’re a graduate?
“Upon receiving CECA’s Most Promising Trainee Civil Engineering Award during my Industrial Placement, as well as leaving the job having made good friends and completing two successful projects, my aim has always been to come back to Jackson as a Graduate and make a significant impact to the company as well as better improve myself.”

“Returning as a graduate engineer doesn’t mean I won’t stop pushing myself. My ambition is to be a versatile engineer where others in my team can 100% rely on me and the outcomes of any projects I am involved with is positive. I see Jacksons as a company where I have potential to grow as well as itself having the potential to be one the biggest in the UK - and this can come about with a talented team and a holistic working environment.”

Did you enjoy your placement year with Jackson?
“In September 2020 I will be studying a MSc in Civil Engineering at one of London’s most prestigious universities, UCL [University College London]. Jackson has been amazing in supporting me during this process and relieved a burden off my shoulders. I do understand the challenges I will face in maintaining a balanced working and academic life, with many finding it impossible to cope with. The team is at Jackson is wonderful in that they have Senior Engineers such as Prince Sithole who has always been there for me in both academic and work help. So, I will be able to deal with it!”

“Some may say having a MSc as a site engineer is inconsequential, however, a masters aims to build on your undergraduate knowledge and skills, which being a project engineer, you would need to be an all-round engineer having the skill sets of solving difficult situation using your knowledge and experience.”

What advice would you give to a young engineer now starting their university journey?
“If any young aspiring engineer is reading this, well done for making it this this far!”

“If you’re thinking about being a Site or Design Engineer, you can choose to go to university or become an apprentice. Just have a plan and your mind-set on what you want to do.”

“As a Muslim, education is something which is valued extremely high with many modern scientific discoveries coming from Muslim scientists such as the likes of Ibn al-Haytham and Ibn Sina. So never underappreciate the work you do at university. Saying this, building good relations is just as important. So, if you are going to university, ensure you have the friends who will take you on the right path whilst also maintaining a professional and level headed approach at university and you will reap the fruits of your efforts.”