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‘Thumbs up’ for the site team at Bromford & Castle Vale Flood Defence Scheme

The team currently constructing a 4.5km flood defence along the River Tame in Bromford, Birmingham took part in a Safety Interface Session delivered by Flannery Plant Hire to highlight the potential hazards when working around machinery on site.

Tony Wootton, National Account Manager for Flannery Plant Hire said: “We at Flannery Plant hire are very passionate when it comes to People Plant Interface on sites, and these safety sessions highlights the importance of maintaining that.”

“We demonstrated to the Jackson team the dangers of working around live machinery on site, showing them the machines working radius; operator blind spots, and the safe way to approaching machine operators by using the ‘thumbs up’ method.”

Safety Talk Bromford

The session also included discussing the Safety features that Flannery Plant Hire have as standard on all machines, covering 360 all-round vision cameras, along with the demonstration on the new 9-ton Dual View Dumpers to which are supplied on site.

Mr Wootton continued: “We had a great morning and it was a strong commitment from Jackson to engage with Flannery Plant Hire in raising awareness of People Plant Interface. By having the machines present on site, the staff from Jackson were able to understand the safety importance on safe approach and working around plant machinery.”

James Baden, Jackson Project Manager said: “These sessions are important as it raises awareness to the team working around this sort of equipment. Very often there are blind spots experienced by the operator who may not be able to see the operative or engineer working nearby. The training that was provided by Flannery Plant hire gives everyone a better understanding and helps prevent any unwanted interaction.”