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Critical flood alleviation scheme underway at Dunston Park

Jackson is currently working on Dunston Park and South East Thatcham Flood Alleviation Scheme to reduce the surface water flood risk to over 570 properties on behalf of West Berkshire Council.

This scheme is part of the comprehensive programme of flood defence work outlined in the council’s Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) for Thatcham, which was developed in partnership with the Environment Agency, Thatcham Town Council and Thames Water, in response to the severe flooding on 20 July 2007.

The reservoirs at Dunston Park and South East Thatcham form part of a flood defence strategy that already includes reservoirs at Cold Ash Hill and Tull Way. They will have a storage capacities of 36,600 m3 and 14,200 m3 and will benefit 512 and 61 properties respectively.

Jackson’s Southern Regional Director, Steve Horton said: “Jackson are delighted to be delivering this critical flood alleviation scheme on behalf of West Berkshire Council. We look forward to completing the scheme and protecting nearly 600 homes in Thatcham from the risk of flooding”.

Richard Somner, West Berkshire’s Executive Member for Highways and Transport said: “The flood alleviation work for Thatcham is a great achievement which couldn’t have come to fruition without the efforts and inputs of many local companies and local people.

“The floods of 2007 may seem like history to many, but they will be clearly remembered by the many people that were affected by them.

"Since then, the council’s Highways Team has been working proactively with Thatcham Flood Forum and The Environment Agency to meet our priority of developing local infrastructure and to do as much as we possibly can to reduce the risk of damage to homes should something like this ever reoccur.

“The efforts of the working in partnership have paid off and I am very proud of the work that has been done.”

Steve Ardagh-Walter, Town and West Berkshire Councillor for Thatcham Colthrop and Crookham said: "Many residents of Thatcham will be very happy and relieved that this project is underway.

"Once completed, around the end of this year, it will reassure people that their homes are thoroughly protected from the risk of another flood. I'd like to add my thanks to the people and organisations who have contributed and continue to work on delivering these two important schemes."

Brian Woodham, Chair, Surface Water Management Plan Funding Committee, Thatcham Flood Forum said: "We are delighted with the progress on these very important schemes. In the event of a flood, they will capture and control around 51,000 cubic metres of water and protect around 600 homes.

"Added to the previous schemes at Tull Way and Cold Ash Hill, this means that almost 1000 homes so far will have had their flood risk significantly reduced and 125 million cubic metres of flood water held back."

“We are extremely grateful to the organisations and individuals that contributed to our fundraising campaign to ensure that the schemes were an attractive proposition for national funding."

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