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Tools down at Perry Barr for Safety Stand Down Day

Jackson recently held a Safety Stand Down Day on the Perry Barr and Witton Flood Risk Management Scheme in a bid to strengthen existing safety procedures on site, and promote discussion around site specific health and safety challenges.

The event at Perry Barr was attended by the client, Environment Agency, Jackson site team, and subcontractors and involved several interactive workshops including:

  • Site Specific Risk Workshop - Presentations focusing on site specific risks such as working near water courses, winter working and underground services. To reinforce this, the team used site examples to give it a ‘real world’ perspective.
  • Workforce Enagenement Workshop - A group session discussing what the team do well, and how the team thought they could improve, along with any innovations.
  • Mental Wellbeing Workshop - External Mental Wellbeing workshop was also delievered by Antonia Harman from Divine Empowerment to share healing techniques to provide employees with the skill set to effectively acknowledge and understand mental health illnesses. Employees found Harman’s unique technique an ‘insightful’ and positive experience.
  • People Plant Interface Workshop - Involved physically setting out safety zones, and each individual sitting in the various machines whilst having others walking through blind spots.

The stand down at Birmingham was just a small part of Jackson’s wider mental health and wellbeing programme, which includes Mental Health First Aid Training for staff, and a company-wide ‘Employee Assistance Programme’ (EAP).

Jackson’s Project Manager, Paul Charnley said: “At Perry Barr we like our site to be inclusive of all, a place where regardless of level, no question is a silly question.”

“We like to educate and having so many different trades on our site means that the shared knowledge in group sessions and during the presentations allowed everybody to learn something new.”

“The message at the start and finish was Empowerment. We like our workforce and staff to feel empowered to make the right decision, stop when something is unsafe and provide their perspective on the way they or others are working.”

“It was heart-warming to see that there is a high level of trust, communication, team spirit and that management listen to workforce. As a new Project Manager to the business, it is what drew me to Jackson’s, and it is clear the hard work of the existing site team has made our site a great place to work.”