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Woodford West Viaduct hosts collaborative safety tour

Jackson recently hosted a collaborative safety tour to further strengthen and improve health, safety and wellbeing on the £3.5m Woodford West Viaduct scheme, and to promote two-way communication between staff, subcontractors and clients.

The Woodford West Viaduct Scheme involves a temporary works design solution to jack the bridge and replace 30 bearings. Works for one of the piers is being carried out during the summer holidays as agreed with key stakeholders to minimise disruption to the traveling public in the Woodford area.

To enable construction, Jackson have excavated 1.8 metres down to the pile caps of the piers to install base plates and jacking frames allowing the team to insert temporary bearings and jacks. These temporary bearings and jacks will enable the team to replace the existing bearings which are larger and fit the newer Euro code standard design.

Within the replacement process, Jackson is using Hyrdodemolition to remove the concrete pier tops surrounding the existing bearings. Hydrodemolition is a concrete removal technique which uses the technique of using high pressure or ultra high pressure water jets to cut and remove concrete from a structure. It is recognised as the safest, most effective, vibration-free method of removing concrete.

Once the bearings have been replaced, the team concrete the top of the piers to regain strength and the viaduct is jacked back down.

Jacking operations are a precise procedure that needs to be undertaken during a full night closure with the traffic loading on the structure removed.

Areas excavated to install the temporary works are to be reinstated using Cemfree concrete to minimise the projects carbon footprint.

During the scheme Jackson is implementing several of safety initiatives to improve the productivity and wellbeing of site staff.

Jackson’s Site Agent, Daniel Chasen said: “The construction team are utilising the framework setup and our strong relationships with the Connect community to provide the client with ever improving value. The innovations and improvements achieved during this project are setting the foundations for a series of successful replacement schemes coming up in the area.”

In workplaces where noise exposure can vary or be intermittent it is sometimes difficult to decide whether hearing protection is required. Jackson have installed a noise monitoring visual traffic light system so when noise levels exceed a preselected level, a large red silhouette of a head with ear muffs is illuminated. Employees can then take hearing protection steps or move away from the noise.

Dual view dumpers are also being used to increase the safety in and around site by providing operators with improved peripheral vision.

On the back of this project, the team then inspecting additional neighbouring viaducts. We’re already undertaking surveys and inspections for works next year.