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Thames Weir Water Level Management project is ‘talk of the river’ this month

Jackson’s Thames Weir Water Level Management project is well underway and recently had a visit from the Environment Agencies Directors, Senior Management and Waterway personnel as part of an initiative to understand the delivery process to view and plan for the EA’s strategy to look at existing assets.

The River Thames between Datchet and Teddington has the largest area of undefended, developed floodplain in England. Over 15,000 homes and businesses within the area are at risk from flooding.

Jackson is undertaking works at three separate site locations along the river Thames to improve the EA’s assets. Teddington and Shepperton both containing two tilting flap gates while Chertsey has 36 small radial gates.

These sites were identified to be problematic as they were not sufficiently retaining water but also contained wider issues relating to their ability to manage flows during potential flood conditions.

Jackson worked closely with the EA to develop a suitable set of options for each site. These options would not only deal with immediate issues of water retention, but also looked at the wider, long term issues of the condition of the gates such that it mitigates the risk of these assets failing during flood conditions.

In addition, Jackson will also install an eel pass at Teddington and Chertsey as to enhance the environment at these sites.