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Senior engineer, Thomas Roberts wins in house Engineers Innovation completion

Jackson recently held a competition to find the best innovation to improve sites quality and outputs. Thomas Roberts, proposed the idea of using SketchUp, a 3D modelling software, to help operatives visualise projects.

Roberts said: “Viewing civil engineering scenarios in three dimensions can help teams significantly to visualise and discuss construction techniques, sequencing and areas where designs can be streamlined or improved.”

“SketchUp can be used for almost every aspect encountered at construction phase from compound layouts, detailed structures, piling and temporary works”.

The innovation has successfully been trailed on phase two of the Perry Barr and Witton flood risk management scheme. This phase of the project involves increasing the flood storage to 1m cubic metres in the Forge Mill area upstream of Perry Barr and Witton by constructing new embankments, a flood wall and installing a control structure.

Hole 11 at Handsworth Golf Course has been modified to assist with the construction and the team are currently translocating 150 trees from the existing woodland to the edge of the course.

The team will also plant around 20,000 new trees to replace those which were removed earlier in the project.

Using the software, Thomas has built a 3D model of the new flood control structure which is currently under construction.

Phil Hinman, General Foreman said: “It’s a fantastic idea which has helped not only our site operatives but myself and project.”