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Jackson completes works at Welches Dam Pumping Station

Jackson have completed works at Welches Dam Pumping Station, as part of the £27m Ouse Washes flood defence scheme on behalf of the Environment Agency.

The existing bridge at Welches Dam was unsuitable for the construction plant needed, due to its low weight limit and narrow width. The team installed a wider bridge across the discharge chamber also raising the weight limit to 64 tonnes to allow construction plant to access the site without the need to use public roads. This bridge will be left in place for Environment Agency to use in the future.

Scaffolding was erected under the existing bridge to provide a safe working platform for operatives, the bridge was then built and installed in sections as opposed to the typical ‘all-in-one’ installation. As the team were working in confined area, temporary sheet piling was undertaken to provide space for the crane to lift the bridge.

The team also constructed a permanent 100 metre reinforced concrete flood wall to connect the newly raised embankment either side of the pumping station.

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